Your first 3 markets

Liam H. Mulcahy

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Your first 3 markets

Regardless of your product, there are three distinct market segments that you need to address in the right sequence to ensure you:

  • Have the right value proposition and product roadmap
  • Build the right product experience
  • Develop a repeatable sales motion.

The most efficient way to achieve these objectives is to address each of three market segments in sequence, one at a time, with specific success metrics that you achieve before moving on to the next segment.

Doing so provides you with the right insights at the right time in your product development to build adoption and get your sales flywheel going. The market segments you’ll need to address are these:

  1. Innovators
  2. Early Adopters (Design Partners)
  3. Early Market

[See original article for deep dive into each]

Most relevant during:

Most relevant for:

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