WBD Discovery call

Jacco van der Kooij

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WBD Discovery call

The more a salesperson can do to understand the customer's pain and the potential business impact, the better they will be able to recommend a solution to the customer's problem.

For diagnosing, we use a question-based framework used by all kinds of professionals to quickly understand their clients:

  • Step 1: First, ask two or three questions to learn the context of the situation.
  • Step 2: Ask a few questions to understand the pain.
  • Step 3: Summarize the customer's answers in order to assure you understand correctly.
  • Step 4:Show empathy towards the customer's pains. Step 5:Identify the emotional and rational impact.
  • Step 6:Establish a critical event.

Pro tip: Open layers in the dock on the right-hand side. Turn layers on or off according to what best fits your use case.

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