The modern GTM funnel

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The modern GTM funnel

The fundamental objective of your GTM strategy is that your USER finds your awareness activities and content so compelling that they continue their journey with you until they become a happy customer and advocate for your product with peers and colleagues.

Unfortunately, the reality is that not all users who start their journey with you will also complete it with you. So, how will you know if your strategy is working? The better question is how will you know which GTM activities are performing well and which are not? The answer is to define funnel stages and goals and track goal-specific performance metrics.

In my experience, every company ends up creating a unique GTM funnel. We’ll get you started with common terminology and definitions. Going forward you will iterate on funnel stages and metrics. These will become fundamental to how your company talks about GTM.

Your first funnel should be designed something like the following. Here we’ve mapped the USER/BUYER journey steps onto our funnel so that you can see how to leverage marketing methodology in the Modern GTM.  

[See original article for deep dive into metrics and goals]

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