The Innovator feedback meeting

Liam H. Mulcahy

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The Innovator feedback meeting

In calls with Innovators, the prospect should do at least 60% of the talking.

A classic misstep we see with founders is they get a meeting with an Innovator for feedback and spend 95% of the meeting talking about their product and everything it can and will allow companies to do, then leave 3-5 minutes at the end for feedback from the Innovator.

Remember, the measure of value in these meetings is their perspective on the market, how they currently operate, their ideal workflow, feedback on your product, the competition, etc. You should ask yourself after every call, “what did we learn?”. That simple question will allow founders to realize when they are pitching rather than doing discovery.

The general structure of the Innovator feedback interview is as follows. [See original article for list of potential questions to ask]

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