The greater the ACV, the longer the payback

Tomasz Tunguz

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The greater the ACV, the longer the payback

Yesterday, we shared the Top 10 Learnings from the 2020 Redpoint GTM Survey at SaaS Office Hours.

The presentation is embedded below. It contains data on go to market team structure, performance by sales function, marketing spend benchmarks, and customer success priorities.

I want to thank Nick Giometti who parsed and processed the data and taught me (an R user) a lot about python and pandas along the way. Thanks to his work, we have some terrific insights to share. I also want to thank everyone contributed data. The full transcript is here.

We received more than 500 responses to the survey, and as you will see the demographics, the respondents represent a broad swath of company sizes focused on different buyers. The deck in embedded above and is also linked here

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