The 7Cs of Effective Communication

Sean Sheppard

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The 7Cs of Effective Communication

The 7Cs of Effective Communication

The 7Cs of Communication was first coined by Scott M. Cutlip and Allen H. Center in 1952. It’s often referred to as the most effective model of communication. Using the 7 C’s helps you make your business communication clear and concise.

With the 7Cs, the Pyramid Principle becomes second nature, and your message would be:

  • Clear: It should feature the main objective and be easy to understand.
  • Concise: Avoid repetitive and redundant words.
  • Concrete: It should be credible and backed with facts and data.
  • Complete: It should contain relevant information.
  • Correct: It should follow the rules of grammar and spelling.
  • Coherent: It has to be relevant and connected to the main goal.
  • Courteous: It needs to be friendly with no undertones of passive aggression or hostility.

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