The 48 types of VP Sales

Jason M. Lemkin

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The 48 types of VP Sales

OK, so you’re ready to make the hire. You know what to expect. And now you’ve got your script to help ferret out the posers.

Now — who do you hire? Just so you know, there are 48 Different Types of VP Sales. If you want it to work — make sure your top candidate is the right type for your SaaS company.

[...] this is the third in our series. The first post is What a Great VP of Sales Actually Does. So you expect the right things and hire your rockstar at the right time to do the right things. The second post is a script for you to use (and modify as you see fit) – 10 Great Questions to Ask a VP Sales Candidate. So you hire someone that really did it, and can do it — not a pretender.

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