Segment and optimize for adoption

Liam H. Mulcahy

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Segment and optimize for adoption

For your first 18 months you need to:

  • Segment your targeted companies into Innovators, Design Partners, and the Early Majority
  • Address each sequentially, moving on to the next target only after you’ve achieved your success metric for the previous target, solving for adoption then revenue.
  • Achieve Value-Market-Fit (months 0-6), then Product-Market-Fit (months 6-12), and finally early signs of Product-Market-Fit (i.e. Product-Sales-Market-Fit , months 12-18).

Following this systematic approach is the most efficient way to drive adoption and build a sales motion. Failing to do this almost always leads to getting mixed signals on your product direction from a variety of market segments and inevitably leads to burning as many as 12 months and a large amount of capital only to pivot later and follow this strategy.

[see original article for breakdown of each step]

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