Pricing and packaging your product

Liam H. Mulcahy

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Pricing and packaging your product

The last piece to consider is how you package your product.

Decisions around product packaging will get complex as you grow, but in the beginning you want to optimize for the following dimensions:

  • What are the features your USERs will want the most? These are typically free.
  • What are features only BUYERs will care about? These are usually behind the pay-wall.
  • What are the features that would allow for product virality (sharing, inviting other users, integrations, etc.)?

Once you have an idea of how you want to package, you need to consider what the value equation for your pricing will be. A good place to start is studying what your direct competitors use to determine their pricing (per user, per use case, flat fee, consumption based, etc.) to determine where you compare and what’s preferred. We'll touch more on packaging and pricing in later sections.

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