Four main superpowers of sales leaders

Doug Landis

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Four main superpowers of sales leaders

Generally, sales leaders have at least one of four “superpowers.”

The Sales Superpowers are:

Company Management

These sales leaders excel at “managing up.” In other words, they can clearly demonstrate strategic thinking backed by data. These sales leaders are Excel addicts, digging through your CRM to hypothesize about the market, define possible opportunities, and then test their hypotheses.

Process Management

Process managers love lists and planning documents. They dream in Quip docs. These sales leaders love planning for edge cases. As you scale, their organization will be key in helping set company norms and streamlining processes at every corner.

Culture Management

Vocal, customer-facing, and big personalities – these sales leaders can have an outsized impact on any organization as a whole, leading the charge as Sales integrates itself into every part of the organization. These culture managers can both follow an operating plan and bring a rolodex of experienced representatives who follow them from company to company.

Deal Management

Deal managers are addicted to sales. They can recite every detail about the top deals in their pipeline off the top of their head. They can clearly walk through what steps need to be taken, and by whom, to get the deal closed. They love to eat dinners with clients. If your sales representatives were a football team, they’d be the quarterback.

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